New Kitchen Garden: Organic Gardening and Cooking with Herbs, Vegetables, and Fruit (Paperback)

By Adam Caplin, Caroline Hughes (Photographer), William Shaw (Photographer)
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No matter what you cook, every recipe is improved by the use of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, or herbs. With the New Kitchen Garden, your menu needn't be dictated by the whims of your local grocery store. Award-winning gardener Adam Caplin shows how easy it is to create your own kitchen garden, even if all the space you have is a small patio or rooftop. Acclaimed food writer Celia Brooks Brown then takes you from out in the yard to in by the stove with 35 special recipes to turn your fresh produce into a satisfying meal. Whether you're a would-be cook who likes to garden, or a cook who'd like more control over your ingredients, New Kitchen Garden offers more than just food for thought.
-- Clear and concise advice and tips for creating a kitchen garden from expert Adam Caplin
-- Gardening for spaces of any size, with the emphasis on plants that are rewarding and easy to grow
-- Delicious and satisfying vegetarian recipes for soups, entrees, salads, salsas, sweets, and much more

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ISBN: 9781845973650
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small
Publication Date: February 1st, 2007
Pages: 143