Trade Your Books with Vintage Books






Trading Books FAQ

Q: Do you trade books?

A:  Yes, we do; every day, all day long and no appointment is necessary.  But if you have more than a bag or two, please don’t bring them within 1/2 hour of closing, or we may need to complete your trade for the next day.

Q:  What kind of books do you want?

A:  Our store has a bit of everything, and that’s what we’re looking for: mysteries, cookbooks, children’s books, automotive, literary, science fiction, and almost any non-fiction.  Really good cookbooks, history, gardening and craft books will almost always get a welcome reception.

Q:  If I make a list of my books and bring them in, will that help?

A:  Sorry, no.  We need to have the books in the store in order to determine a trade credit.

Q:  What kind of books don’t you want?

A:  1)  Please, please don’t bring in any books with mold or mildew, mouse droppings, water damage, cat fur or heavy smoke odor.  We want books in nice enough condition that we would personally enjoy owning them, and we expect
our fellow book lovers feel the same way. 
2)  Some older titles still sell, some don’t.   We know our stock and we’ll take what we think our customers will purchase.
3)  Though we’re happy to look at anything, we only have space for so many books.  If we already have a copy or two of your book on the shelf, we may not need that title at that time.  However, you’re always welcome to try those same
books again.

Q:  What happens with the books you can’t take for trade?

A:  Any books we can’t use, we’ll give back to you.  However, if you don’t want them back, we can donate them on to a community program––provided the books are in good condition and fairly recent.

Q:  Do you pay cash for books? 

A:  We do a very limited amount of cash buying and we do not give cash for paperbacks.  For cash, we are looking for books we do not usually get in the store for trade.  These usually include history and some literary titles.

Q:  How does the credit work?

A:  We will tally your  books at 50% of what we expect to be our selling price (that usually means 25% of cover––but that can vary from book to book). 

Q:  What can I purchase with my trade credit?

A:  Your credit can be used on: audio books, ephemera, and most used books.  You cannot use your trade credit on new books.  When you purchase books in our store, you can use your store credit towards 50% of your purchase, the remaining 50% we need in cash, debit or credit.  If you have trade credit remaining, we will give you a credit slip to take with you.  Please hold on to this.  We do not keep a copy.  If  you find an older slip that seems to have expired, no problem; we will still honor it.

Q:  What can we do to keep this Local bookshop in business?

A:  Buy books!  Tell your friends and family about us!  Spread the word.  Bring us great books to trade in!  Also, you can now buy KOBO eBooks through our website.  Making the decision to purchase eBooks through our website (rather than through KOBO’s online site) is a really big help to us, and makes it so we can keep this physical store open and well stocked with great used and new books.