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"The end result is both redemptive and hilarious"
- Publishers Weekly


“Reading Circling the Sun reminded me of the deep pleasure of solid storytelling"
- Rhianna Walton (W), Powell's Books, Inc, Portland, OR


"A learned, joyful, avid consideration of the natural world"
- Floyd Skloot


"I read this beautifully imagined and moving novella in one sitting, utterly wowed, wanting to share it with everyone I know"
-Lisa Genova


"Ethereal and lightweight, less like static pictures and more like breath"
- National Geographic


"The quiet introspection and cleareyed focus on a vibrant and powerful American city makes Doyle's paean to Chicago a literary jewel."
-Kirkus Reviews


"Revealing... delightful... fascinating... highly recommended."
-Janet Napolitano, San Francisco Chronicle


"The question may be timeless, but their answer has urgent significance."
-Time Magazine
"300 of the loveliest botanical images ever collated."
-Town and Country
"Deep and grand and altogether extraordinary… .Miraculous."
  -The Washington Post
“Albom can say in one sentence what others can spend a lifetime trying to convey."
— The Book Wheel



Upcoming Events
Gary Corbin and The Mountain Man's Bride Feb. 25th 1-4pm
Stop by Vintage Books Feb. 25th between 1 and 4 pm to meet author Gary Corbin and get a signed copy of his newest release, Mountain Man's Bride. His other books will be available for purchase as well.

In this sequel to The Mountain Man's Dog, rustic forester Lehigh Carter fights to clear first his own name, then that of his fiancée, Stacy McBride, as they are accused of murdering the deputy who once made their lives miserable.

Gary Corbin is a writer, actor, and playwright in Camas, WA.

His debut novel, Lying in Judgment, was released in March, 2016. Lying in Judgment is a courtroom thriller about a man who serves on the jury of a murder trial for the crime he committed.

An award-winning playwright, several of his plays have been produced in the Portland, OR area, some of them multiple times. In addition to his own scripts, Gary writes, ghost-writes, and edits scripts. He specializes in tight, realistic dialogue involving sharply drawn, interesting characters in complex relationships.

In addition to writing and editing for private sector, government, individuals, and not-for-profit clients, his creative and journalistic work has been published in BrainstormNW, the Portland Tribune, The Oregonian, and Global Envision, among others.

Come meet two of our favorite local authors!
We'll be at Wordfest in Longview from 6-8pm on March 14th
Kate Dyer-Seeley
Author of the Pacific Northwest Mystery series
(AKA Ellie Alexander)
Author of the Bakeshop Mystery series
Cindy Brown
Author of the Ivy Meadows Mysteries
For more info on the event, visit


Join us Sunday, March 12th at 3pm as Kelly Garrett and Candace Robinson do a writers workshop on   Social Media 101: How to Build Your Online Presence as an Author.   
This workshop will cover website content, how to take advantage of different social media platforms and how to build your audience on the internet.

Come with questions, a passion for writing, & something to take notes with. These workshops are free & open to the public.

Any questions about attending can be directed to
Past Sessions:
-- January 2016 Carolyn J. Rose on The Importance of Opinion, Attitude, and Style
-- February 2016 Kate Dyer-Seeley on How to Find an Agent
-- March 2016 Mary Elizabeth Summer on Diversity Matters: How to Write From the Other Perspective
-- April 2016 Cindy Brown on How to Be Funny on the Page (even if you're not in real life)
-- May 2016 Phoebe Rose on First Pages: Grounding the Reader, Strong Pacing and Killer Hooks
-- June 2016 Paula Stokes, Fonda Lee, Mary Elizabeth Summer and Jennifer Bosworth on a panel about writing.
-- July 2016 - Break
-- August 2016 Jane Elder Wulff on The Art of Interviewing: Listening for Story.
-- September 2016 Hannah Dennison on Taking the Mystery out of the Mystery: Jump-start your novel!
-- October 2016 Angela Sanders on Writing a Series: Five Things I Wish I’d Known
-- November 2016 Erik Wecks on Creating Authentic Characters
-- December 2016 Christine Fletcher on I Couldn't Put It Down! Using Conflict to Hook Your Readers.
-- January 2017  Dan Strawn and Researching for Historical Fiction--Pit falls and Strategies for New Writers.
-- February 2017 was Margaret Pinard and Don't Be Captain Obvious: How to Find and Deliver Essential Details for Setting
To Come:
-- March 2017 - Kelly Garrett and Candace Robinson on Social Media 101: How to Build Your Online Presence as an Author.
-- April 2017 is Curtis Chen & he's going to talk about
Give a Little, Take a Little, Let Your Heart Break a Little: The Story of Critiques.
-- May (7th) 2017 is Laurel Gale and How to Plot Your Novel: Outlines versus synopses, how to ask the right questions to develop an idea in to a full plot, and basic plot structure. 

Join a book group hosted by Vintage Books!

Are you itching to discuss books? Want some stimulating conversation? Join the Who picked this book? Book Club. They meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 3-4pm. Or join the Young at Heart Book Club, they meet the 1st Sunday of the month at 2pm.
Members receive 10% off new copies of the selected titles here in the store! Click the image to check our stock.

Prospective members do not need to RSVP to meetings and are encouraged to simply show up if they would like to join or just observe!

The next book selected is:

Who Picked this Book? Book Club will discuss
So You've Been Publicly Shamed
February 19th at 3pm


Future selections:

February 19th at 3pm

So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

March 19th at 3pm

Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willet


Young at Heart Book Club will discuss
 By Your Side by Kasie West on March 5th at noon.