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Vintage Books Consignment Information and Forms

Thank you for your interest in placing your book at Vintage Books. If your book has been published by an established publisher that we order from on a regular basis and we decide to carry it, we will purchase it directly from that publisher. If that is the case, you are welcome to send us info on your book's publication to

If your book is self-published , not readily available through our normal wholesalers, or only available non-returnable, we offer the opportunity for us to sell it on a consignment basis. On consignment, the book remains the property of the consignor until sold. If you would like your book considered for stock, please follow our consignment guidelines
  • For books that are accepted on consignment, a $10 non-refundable fee (cash only) is required for each submission. This fee helps pay for the extra labor involved in tracking inventory and payments for each title. For no extra fee, we will put your book into our website inventory. We require a signed Consignment Agreement form when books are accepted.  (Form is below.)
  • We prefer that consignment requests be made in writing, via email or fax. We are unable to accommodate walk-in visits or telephone inquiries.
  • Our standard consignment terms are: Vintage is paid 40% of the cover price ( 60% of sales go to the author/consignor). Consigned books stay in stock for a minimum of three months (depending on sales). Payment will be after five books are sold, after an event, or at the end of the consignment period.  It is the author’s responsibility to deliver new inventory and pick up unsold inventory.
  • To submit a book for consideration, please fill out our Author Information sheet and email or fax to
  • If we believe your book may interest our customers, we will request a review copy. Please do not drop off or mail review copies to Vintage without our permission. Any review copies submitted to us become the property of Vintage Books. Due to the number of consignment submissions, we are unable to mail review copies back to authors.
  • Due to the volume of submissions, the consignment review process can take a couple of weeks minimum. We will notify you by email of our decision. Please keep in mind that we do not usually accept consignment books during the busy holiday season. If you would like us to review and carry your book for the holidays, please make sure you have submitted your author info sheet by mid-October.
  • We are pleased to support local authors through our consignment program. As with all inventory we carry, we retain the right to decide not to carry a book if we believe it doesn’t fit our market or inventory mix.  We also must keep in mind our inventory needs and the interests of our customers. We look forward to reviewing your work and thank you for considering Vintage as a market for your book.
We hold seasonal local author events with spots for 3-5 authors. We have found that there is more attendance at multi-author events than an event for an individual author. On the rare occasion, we will consider doing a solo book signing.

Tips for Marketing Your Book
First, congratulations! We know what an enormous amount of dedication writing a book can take! We appreciate the effort, care and creativity you’ve brought to your project whether or not we can stock it. Now for the hard part - getting it sold: Here are just a few things to consider when thinking about marketing your book in our store:

Quality (and by this we mean the technical aspects of getting your book published.)
Is your book as perfect as possible? Spelling, grammar and typesetting matter. If you are self-published, the company that prints your book may offer proofreading, or even a fair amount of editing, for a fee. Professional authors with the resources of an entire publishing house behind them have whole teams of people who do this for them. And readers are picky. If you are expecting your readers to pay as much for your book as they would pay for a book from a major publishing house, they are expecting a work of equal quality. Assemble your own team to make your book the best it can be.

Pricing   In order to sell, your book should be priced at or below the price of other books of its size and sort. It’s easy to see how your book compares by browsing local bookstores. When you negotiate for the production of your book, be sure to take that into account, as well as the fact that you will have to pay at least the industry standard discount to stores who stock your book, and substantial sums for marketing so that readers can know your book is available. Do your math ahead of time so you aren’t disappointed later!

Cover Art   Face it - people do judge books by their covers.

  • Create as professional an author bio and press release as you can to tell your story. Send out press releases, review copies and other promotional materials to local media and any other organizations with which you are affiliated
  • Contact local and regional media and use mailing lists, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to let people know you’ve published a book and that it is available at Vintage Books
  • Tell friends and family and send them to Vintage for copies. How about high school and college alumni associations, your writers group, church, community group, VFW, Rotary . . .? Everyone you send to Vintage for copies generates traffic and word-of-mouth for your book.
  • Buy and read writing and publishing resource books (if we don’t have your choice, we’ll gladly special order for you).

Questions? Email We do not accept phone calls for consignment questions. Please make sure you have reviewed our consignment form before sending us questions.

You can get the info form HERE, and the consignment form HERE